We are very inspired and highly motivated to create blissful Events and Happenings in a transformative manner. Retreats and Festivals that connect you back to your holistic self, give you the chance to find your center, your power and your flow so you can harmonize your energies. Using tools like somatic practices, Dance and Contact Improvisation, Emotional Consciousness, Yoga, Voice, Music with the main Focus of Water practices, so as Aguahara, Attachment Therapies and Water Contact, we dive deep into the conscious joy of embodiment.
We believe, like Gandhi, that we have to be the change we want to see in the world.
Thus our goal is to connect back to nature, the elements, ourselves and from soul to soula and to create a new vision for a loving, peaceful world within and without!

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  1. Dear Guys, my name is Antonio Maniscalco, I am Italian, I am 44 and I live in Tulum. This is to propose you Dance of Emotion which is a wonderful way to express emotions with music and dance. In the first part people dance active music of all types such as pop, rock, brasilian, to activate vital energy and come closer to Others; in the second part they will express intense emotions with the aid of melodious music, such ambient, chill out, meditation music; the purpose is to melt away stress having fun and to reach peace and armony and sens of union with Others with no effort. It can be done also in termal water and is simply Amazing and can have many extensions, such as painting, body painting, works with clay and so on. I would like to propose it as part of your program, so if you are curious about that, please let me know where I can send you my files. Furthermore I propose ’sensations in nature‘ which is a group of exercises to stimulate sensitivity for nature and human relations, thru plays, bioenergetic excercises, breathing and meditation. Finally I do holistic massage and sound with tibetan bell wich positionated in different parts od the body empower the relaxation and helps to connect with our centre and Self. I work in ‚Dos Ceibas‘ at the moment where I found your leaflet. Please consider my ob because I think will be a nice experience to propose in your activities.
    Hoping to receive soon a contact where to send you all material, I send you my best regards.

    Antonio Maniscalco

  2. Hello , please tel me what is the best for my level between beginer and advance about your work. I m practioner watsu since many years .
    Thank you for your recommandation
    All my blue thoughts to you

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