Concept & Facilidadores

We will offer different solutions depending on which level of Aquatic Partner-work you are.

For people who have no experience we will facilitate a small workshop to learn the basics from July 15th until 17th. If you have very few practice we highly recommend to also already come for the weekend, so you will come back into the flow 😉 One can also choose to only participate for that weekend introduction course. We will learn to get a feeling for the receivers body and our own body in the water. Staring at the surface we will learn how to support somebody safely in the liquid Element. With the main focus on the vulnerable neck we will study basic movements of Aquatic Partner-work. The weekend is facilitated by Gianni Lezzi,supported by Tanja Siebenstern.

From Monday 18th till Sunday 24th is open to experienced people. The idea is to even split the group, if need. So each one can learn at his / her own pace nevertheless it stays interesting for all.

You will not learn a certain technique but rather a very smooth and fluid approach you can improvise with focusing in the healing potentials of aquatic Therapies. Ofer Rosenthal, supported by Gianni Lezzi and Tanja Siebenstern will share with us his own unique approach as it is written in the description of the course. Ofer creates and shares his art inspired by his background in Watsu, Dolphin Impovisation, Liquid Presence, Soundhealing, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Cranio Sacral, Yoga, Pilates, Ai Chi, Medical Plants and psychological studies. Tanja and Gianni bring in exercises of Aguahara, Healing Dance as well as Water-Contact Improvisation to learn about spontaneity and fluidity.


Main-Teacher – Watsu, Dolphin Impovisation, Liquid Presence, Soundhealing, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Cranio Sacral, Yoga, Pilates, Ai Chi, Medical Plants and psychological studies

Dedicating myself and my practice to the liquid forms of healing
I arrived to the healing arts of the water through my studies of Psychology, where the gates to the emotional patterns opened, and my practice of free diving where the language with the water and its path to more states of conscioscness establieshed, with the years i added numerous lences to my calaidoscope that i use to express my liquid forms of healing.

Since 2008 based in the Dead Sea, the closest place to the womb of mother earth.
since 2013 runing a small school in the old town of Jaffa, Israel.
Facilitating retreats, sharing healing processes and co hosting bridge of heartfulness and mindfulness

share the love live the experience

Ofer Rosenthal


Organizer – Coordinator, Aguahara , Healing Dance, Dancer, Improv (CI), Liquid Dance, Water CI, Mermaid, Group Dynamics

Tanja always loved dance, but discovering Contact Improvisation and the acient indian philosophies in 2009 opend new worlds for her. She started to study Aguahara in 2010 with Alex Siebenstern in Buenos Aires. Discovering the big healing potencials of aquatic Treatemnts but also improvisation in the water. And just after arriving back to Berlin she started to take CI into the water and organized regular Jams and Labs in the Water together with Colin Edina. Since 2011 she begun co-teaching and helping with the organization of In Touch Festivals and Jouneys. 2012 she started to give her own classes about Water-Contact bringing all her passions together in one practice. She became teacher of Aguahara in 2013. In the same year Tanja started the Liquid Flow Projects feeling that one of the gift she has to share, is connecting people and just dare to manifest visions.

Tanja beliefs that being present and connected with oneself, the nature and others is a door to the flow that comes from ones union with the heart. And if we find that flow within, we can heal – first our self and than world …


Organizer – Coordinator, Aguahara , Healing Dance, Education, Connector, Merman