~~~ flydeeper into the wide dimensions of aquatic healing sessions ~~~

Salento, south Italy, close to Lecce

  • Beginners: July 15th till July 24th
  • Advanced Water workers: July 18th till July 24th

with Ofer Rosenthal, supported from Gianni Lezzi and Tanja Siebenstern

Learn in a group forum to transcend the sessions into a Healing Journey. 
Inside the sea of Salento, in the living water of the planet we will be
opening new horizons of the aquatic therapy; 
with focus on the emotional aspects of the aquatic medicine, the relationship with the water, with others while we are flowing safe and smoothly supported by the liquid of this earth, through the  gates to higher states of consciousness. 

Liquid Sessions:

the depth of the shallow water sessions shallow is the new depth, how can i go out from the frame and set my session into any kind of depth, like the one i will find in the nature.
how is the follower– who follows who in the therapeutic encounter?
who is in the service of who? how could the therapist stay tuned to the needs of his patient/receiver. one of the main topics of therapy.
TotalTreatment- from our upper limbs we will move into the lower, bigger and more powerful limbs, merging them into our tools for the aquatic treatment , duplicating our abilities… well actually much more than duplicating.
Breath as the Gateway 
Breath is a gate way to the depth of our existence
like the wave of the earth we give and take,
Oxygen that travels from the trees,
We feed them Co2
we inhale emotions,
we exhale them often, Often we keep them inside, as if we have spare seats in the emotional train, as if a snake needs his old skin.

Spiral Movement  whirlpools are the language of water and air, this core movement or expression of this planet, in it harmonious flow, creates waves to surf on~ fresh breeze to live from ~ on to tectonic movements~ tornados~ hurricanes and yet again a gentle river flow to drink from and wash in and winds to sail the seas with using their movement we will understand the quality of effortlessness holding and supporting the most genuine state of letting go in the water invite us and allows us to feel the sweet sensation that we want to share with our receivers/dance partners.
we enhance our sensitivity, by letting the elements that we are being supported by, to do the so called“ effort“, in it’s harmonious way in every living being’s favour.
and eventually how all of that can be naturally transmitted to our receivers.

undulating spine through undulating movement we remind the body again the origin of its movement, the effect of weightlessness in the infinite space, bringing the muscles into state of vacation. Using the 3 dimensional movement that the water allows us and the teachings of the water mammals.
Through the water , the muscular tonus return into state of relaxation which allows the nerve system to enter into dream frequency.
To allow all those wonders we need to remind the memory cells of the main spine erectors that works 24/7 of their capacity to be weightless instead of restless.

The Art of Safe Landing in the end, the art of safe landing, bringing our session into completion with many of its little secrets that create the actual transformation of what we felt into our ongoing life.

Furthermore: Water work with Babys, Water Contact Dance, Meditation, Ceremonies, Sharing, delicious food, fantastic beaches with

Land sessions:

1. liquid land– waking up the inner liquids of our partner in the therapeutic realm, bringing in the liquid forms that we find in the water to the land. improving our land skills to awake the natural capacity in the water.
2. intimacy and sexuality– a forum about the tabu of aquatic therapy
the fine line between safe intimacy and sexuality, release of oxytocin in the water (my topic to investigate in my master degree).